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Project Description
Different components for show meteo on a WebSite :
- User control for .NET FrameWork 1.1 (VB.NET and C#)
- User control for .NET FrameWork 2.0 (VB.NET and C#)
- SharePoint 2003 WebPart (C#)
- SharePoint 2007 WebPart (C#)

The components use the WebServices.

After writing one article for Use a WebService in .NET :

I create this project for purpose all .NET components based on the same system.
We use all Data from the Webservices, you have to register for use it in your application :


You can find the same thing for PHP ou PHP.NET on this WebSite :
- PHP 4 :
- PHP 5 :

We hope these components can help many people.

Riobé Nicolas and Romelard Fabrice (MVP)

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